Magic Turf is the ideal artificial turf for both residential and commercial properties. Enhance your home or business with high quality artificial grass from Magic Turf. Applications include:


Turn your lawn into a gorgeous oasis – and never stress out about having to mow or water the lawn again with Magic Turf. You’re going to love how it looks and how it’s virtually maintenance-free.

Pet Turf

Magic Turf is fantastic for anyone who has pets because it’s durable. Pet waste quickly and easily wipes away, and you won’t have to worry about your pets getting muddy when they go outside to do their business when you have artificial grass.

Putting Greens

Artificial grass is ideal for putting greens. It doesn’t matter how many times golfers step and swing on it—it will continue to look great day in and day out. Invest in high quality artificial grass from Magic Turf today.


It’s no secret that playgrounds endure plenty of wear-and-tear. Kids are always running and playing with their boundless energy. Can your regular grass handle it? Didn’t think so. Natural grass gets so muddy over time, and it requires so much maintenance, including endless watering and mowing. Skip all of that and give every kid who plays on your playground the best possible surface to play on with Magic Turf.

Athletic Fields

Do you spend a fortune attempting to maintain your natural grass? Stop! Get Magic Turf for your athletic fields. Artificial turf is durable, reliable, and lasts for many years without much maintenance at all.

Sport Court Surfaces

Magic Turf is perfect for all sport courts. Call us today for more information about how you can make your sport court floors more beautiful, long-lasting, and strong with synthetic  grass.


There are so many ways in which artificial grass can enhance your residential property. We look forward to speaking with you about your residential property and suggesting ways in which you can improve it with Magic Turf.


Magic Turf makes commercial properties look their best every day of the year. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and get a free estimate for your commercial property.