Why do you sell TigerTurf?

Why do you sell TigerTurf?

Why do you sell TigerTurf?

One question we often hear from prospective buyers is, “Why do you sell TigerTurf?” There are so many reasons why we chose to sell TigerTurf over other brands of artificial grass, and as always, we’re happy to answer all your questions. Read on to find out more about TigerTurf and why we chose to sell and install it in commercial and residential properties throughout Southern California.

Hey there, Gorgeous!

Simply put, TigerTurf artificial grass is extremely attractive. It looks and feels nice – plus your property will look perfectly manicured 365 days per year when you choose TigerTurf from Magic Turf. It has been specifically calibrated with a mixture of vibrant greens and a brown thatch layer to give it a realistic, positively inviting appearance. You’ll love your synthetic grass from Magic Turf so much that you’ll want to lay down in it and play with your kids and pets. Find out how much better your outdoor space could be by upgrading to TigerTurf from Magic Turf today! You won’t regret it for a second. You can request your free estimate now by calling (888) 364-8873.

Strength and durability

TigerTurf has been scientifically designed for maximum strength and durability. It won’t show signs of wear-and-tear, even with heavy, daily use. With proper maintenance, each blade will stand tall and stay green for many years. You won’t have to worry about the weather, either. Rain and wind don’t stand a chance at damaging TigerTurf from Magic Turf.

Pet-friendly and eco-friendly

TigerTurf is super friendly all around. It’s totally safe and non-toxic for humans and furry friends alike, plus it’s great for the environment because it requires no mowing (goodbye, pesky lawnmower!), no fertilizing (goodbye, harsh chemicals that no one can even pronounce!), and very little watering (hello, saving gallons upon gallons of precious water!). Cats, dogs, and other pets will be able to run and play to their delight without you worry about them tearing up your lawn. Kids will have so much fun getting their energy out outside, and you won’t have to deal with them tracking dirt or mud into your home. TigerTurf from Magic Turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass for households with pets and kids.

Warranties give peace of mind

At Magic Turf, we know that some homeowners get nervous about investing in artificial grass for the first time. But when you get it from Magic Turf, you won’t have to worry. We provide a 3-year guarantee on installations and a 15-year guarantee on the turf itself. TigerTurf from the Magic Turf is the best choice for your commercial or residential property in Southern California.

To make it easy to afford TigerTurf from Magic Turf, we offer financing through the Hero Program, Ygrene Energy Fund, and Renew Financial. Hear more about these programs and get your free estimate by calling (888) 364-8873 now.

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