Ready to transform your property with artificial grass?

Ready to transform your property with artificial grass?

Ready to transform your property with artificial grass?

Upgrade your outdoor space with artificial grass from Magic Turf. With its realistic range of greens and a brown thatch layer, it’s nothing like the fake plastic-y Astroturf of yesteryear. Your lawn is going to look amazing 365 days per year when you upgrade to artificial grass from Magic Turf. Plus you’ll love how low maintenance it is – and you’ll save on your water bill every single month. It’s the perfect eco-friendly, gorgeous alternative to natural grass. Learn more about artificial grass from Magic Turf and don’t forget to request your free estimate by calling (888) 364-8873 or emailing

Fade-free grass

Magic Turf only sells and professionally installs fade- and stain-resistant grass from TigerTurf. It’s been specially designed to resist fading and stains, so it will continue to look vibrant year after year. With proper care, each blade of grass will continue to stand up tall, even with heavy daily use by people and pets.

What about Fido?

If you have dogs and cats, you may hesitate to have artificial grass installed on your property – but you don’t have to worry about that when you get TigerTurf from Magic Turf. We have high quality, durable grass that stands up well to even the roughest playtime. If your pet does their business outside, that’s totally okay. For liquid waste, just turn a hose or sprinkler on it to rinse it away effectively. For solid waste, just scoop and dispose of it like you would at a park, and then simply spot clean the area using an enzyme or vinegar-based cleaner. TigerTurf grass is totally safe, non-toxic, strong, and odor resistant – perfect for pet moms and dads of all kinds!

Allergy-friendly artificial grass

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Then upgrading to artificial grass is a great idea. TigerTurf doesn’t contain any pollens or any other potential allergens. Imagine being able to enjoy spending time outside in your yard again – and then make it happen by investing in TigerTurf from Magic Turf today. You’ll be so glad you made the leap!

Cost concerns

Request your free estimate today by calling (888) 364-8873. If the amount feels a bit cumbersome, don’t stress out – we have financing options available to make it easier for all kinds of homeowners to comfortably afford this eco-friendly upgrade. The HERO program and the Energy Efficient Equity offer great financing options and rebates, and some rebates and other incentives may be available in your area. Do some research – there are a bunch of great options out there for homeowners considering this worthwhile upgrade.

Why Magic Turf?

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing a company to sell and install your artificial grass, but Magic Turf is definitely the best choice. We have been selling incredibly life-like, beautiful artificial grass for over years, and we won’t leave your property until every inch of it looks great. Call (888) 364-8873 to get your free estimate now.

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